Professional fields

Rural regeneration

There are many circumstances that can lead to poverty and exclusion, such as cultural deprivation, missing services, weakness of social capital etc. We try to work with these conditions to find and build a sustainable strategy for living – as we have done in the Counties of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg within the TÁMOP program.

Community-based economic

It is about mobilizing the resources of local people in order to provide for their needs. It is a new concept, but it operates within the actual economic framework.  

Urban regeneration

It typically takes place in tower block estates, where lack of trust among locals is a basic phenomenon and public spaces are not looked after by residents and are therefore in a bad condition. Accordingly, we focus on taking responsibility, so we involve them in the process, planning together.

Youth work

In order to avoid the process of marginalization, we try to mobilize people’s inner qualities and strengthen them using some age-group specific methods.

Aging and development

In an aging society, we try to help elderly people be active citizens instead of clients, since they have a lot of valuable knowledge and competence to share.

Social inclusion

We focus on social inclusion and believe that, most of the time, the local community can be the main source of support for these people, instead of public/health care services.